Want to Get Rid of Hickeys? Here Are Some Quick Fixes

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Well, everybody had an encounter with hickey at least once in their lifetime. Usually, passion-filled nights give you these hickeys. It happens when someone kisses any part of your skin rather aggressively.  Due to the aggressive and excess force, the capillaries or blood vessels of the skin get ruptured and blood seeps into the surrounding tissue. These marks are also called love bites, sucker bites or love marks. Hickeys are usually pink or red and become blue or faint purple as they heal. It becomes brown or yellow with time and then completely disappears. Usually, hickeys need four to twelve days to heal.

These simple bruises often become a source of your embarrassment. Usually, exposed hickeys raise questions or knowing chuckles and murmurs from your friends, relatives or co-workers. Hence, often you find interesting ideas to hide the hickeys to avoid that extra attention. 

Does not mean you will have to wrap yourself in clothes to hide them. There are a lot of ways and home remedies on how to get rid of hickeys quick.  These help you to lose love bites in a day.  

  • Use makeup

If you are a woman then makeup is your primary weapon to hide those love marks. Use a primer or concealer to green corrector or purple corrector or foundation to cover it. If you do not have enough time then simply using a foundation or loose compact will do it. Remember to touch up after a few hours.

  •  Use a band-aid

This is also another classic process to hide the hockey. It is very effective for men. Just simply say you got a razor cut or your pet clawed you by mistake. 

  • Use cloths

No, you don’t need to hide under a pile of garments. Just use a scarf or tie or a mandarin collared shirt or dress to hide the hickey. It is being used since ages.

  • Hair 

Women can use their hairs to hide those marks. You just need to put your hair down. Follow different types of hairstyles that can hide those irritable marks until you don’t get rid of those.

  •  Use a spoon to reduce the inflammation

Cold spoons are a great way to reduce inflammation and redness. It is very effective if the hickey is new. To do this remedy, you need to keep a spoon in the refrigerator for a maximum of ten minutes. Then press the back of the spoon over the hockey and gently massage. Do this several times a day to get rid of that swelling.

  • Toothbrush

A toothbrush is another remedy that is effectively helpful if you want to find an instant cure on how to get rid of a hickey overnight. It is also great to remove the darkest hickeys. You need a soft-bristled toothbrush. Gently massage the area with a toothbrush. It may cause a little pain or discomfort, but the messaging makes blood circulation easier and also removes the clotted blood from the affected area so that the skin becomes even. Repeat the process for ten to twelve times a day.

  • Use banana peel

Banana peel is another great remedy to remove the hickeys. Banana peel has cooling effects and reduces the inflammation to a great extent. You need the peel of a ripe banana. Just place the inner portion of the peel on your skin and cover the hickey for ten to thirty minutes. Repeat the process twice or thrice a day.

  • Warm compress to make blood circulation

Warm compress also helps in case you have hickeys. This process is extremely helpful if you have an older hickey (three to four days older). Warm compress helps to make dissolve the clot and start the blood circulation so that the hickey minimizes in appearance. You simply need a washcloth and hot water. Soak the cloth in the water and place it over the affected area for five minutes. Repeat for the three a day to keep the hickey at bay.

  • Aloe Vera 

Aloe is your favorite instant hack for all types of scars. It also minimizes hickeys. You can use the pulp of aloe vera readymade cream or gel- whichever is available to you. Apply aloe vera on the affected area of your skin twice. Wait till the cream or gel gets absorbed. If you have a painful hickey then this process will also help to relieve the pain and inflammation and will make the healing process faster.

  • Vitamin K enriched foods

Hickeys have clotted blood. Hence, if you want to remove these marks then eat vitamin K enriched foods like broccoli, kale, spinach or brown rice. Just make a salad with the foods and have a serving of the salad after meal or dinner.

  • Jade roller massager

The hickey affected area needs constant messaging so that the clotted blood gets dissolved and the blood circulation becomes normal. You can use a jade roller messenger. If the hockey is new then messaging will stop the blood from leaking out and will also help to make the blood circulation normal. 

  • Ice pack to your rescue

If the hickey is just a day older then you can also use an ice pack to get relief. Ice pack minimizes the inflammation and helps the skin to get relief.

  • Arnica cream

Arnica cream is great to minimize the swelling, redness, and inflammation. Arnica has a lot of vitamin K in it which also helps to regularize the blood flow. Arnica cream helps to get rid of a hickey in fewer days. You can use any store-bought Arnica cream. Just apply the cream to the affected area for 3-4 times in a day.

  • Cellulite cream

Cellulite creams are great in removing any type of scars. Practically hickeys are also a type of scar. Use the cellulite cream if you want to have an overnight solution.

  • Cocoa butter

Cocoa butter is great for if you want to minimize the scar. At first, apply a warm compress on the affected area.  Then apply a little amount of cocoa butter in the area and then massage the area for five to ten minutes. Do this four times a day to get relief.

These are the easy remedies if you want to get rid of a hickey in fewer days. Remember that hickeys are not dangerous and go away easily. But, to get speedy recovery, you can follow any of these above methods and get effective and faster result.