5 Things You Didn’t Know About Hiring Escort Girls

Hiring escorts among the wealthy class is increasingly becoming popular in Paris. These professionals are very different from prostitutes. Men who use these services know the secrets that they get from escorts. You will get accompaniment throughout the evening, for drinks and dinner, and even spend romantic moments with her. Here are some of the things you did not know about escort services.

  1. Most Escort Girls are Smarter than You Think

There is a misconception that most sex workers are uneducated. You may think that these people only offer sex services as they don’t have a better thing to do.

This is not true when it comes to Paris escort girls. Some of these ladies have university education and graduates of reputable institutions. Educated women make rational decisions of entering certain sections of the sex industry like escorting.

Most escorts pick up the job for the same that you will pick up any other traditional job. Escorting offers satisfaction, money, autonomy, and even stability.  The girl you are hiring could be smarter than what you think by far.

  1. Different Countries Have Different Rules

If you are going to Paris for the first time, know that the rules that govern the escort industry are very different from what is in your local area. The status and legality of escorting varies depending on the region you are visiting.

If you go to Canada, all forms of prostitution is legal. However, street prostitution is discouraged because of the many illegal actions which surround it. Some countries have strange at strict laws that govern sex work.

Escorts are highly respected in Paris and you need to know the laws that surround the industry. Get to understand all these regulations before you engage in any form of escorting.

  1. Prostitutes and Escorts offer Different Services

We have people who categorize escorts and prostitutes as one and the same thing. This is not true because the realities of these two jobs differ.

The appearance of escorts is more glamorous than that of prostitutes. The girls invest in lingerie, hair treatments, and makeup to help them look more beautiful and attractive to clients. For prostitutes, you only pay for sex and that is all.

On the other hand, escorts are sensual and more romantic. For escorts, natural chemistry can build and a conversation can flow before having sex. Escorts are more receptive and create the right tone and mood for clients.

  1. Escorts Have a Secret Lingo

In order to avoid pimping laws and prostitution, most escorts are keen not to explicitly mention that you are purchasing sex. These girls use different abbreviations and phrasings to indicate their offers without saying it explicitly.

For escorts, BBBJ means that you will get oral sex without using a condom and CBJ means you will use a condom. GFE means girlfriend experience and such and escort promises you flirtatious and affectionate evenings and not a mechanical and transactional one. Get to understand the meaning of all these phrases so that you are not a stranger.

  1. Escorts Earn a Lot of Money

Escorting gives these girls access to high social class. Men pay a great deal to spend time with these professionals. We have some that earn $400 per hour and the high-end ones can even make over $1,000 per hour. These are serious professionals whose accumulated wealth is even higher than yours. Therefore, don’t overlook any of them. You will be shocked if some of these girls were to reveal their net worth to you. Lovesita 16e has some of the classic escort girls in Paris.

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